About Us

Bunni Coffee Roasters is very much a reflection of its owners, James and Shireen, who have spent years sampling many different standards of coffee around Europe and the Middle East.

James, an Arabist with a long history in the specialty coffee industry, has spent the past years on humanitarian missions in Syria, Gaza, Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Shireen, after tasting some of the finest coffees available around the world, became adamant to offer such quality and standards in Jordan.

This British-Jordanian venture, therefore, seeks to merge the vivacity of the European speciality coffee tradition with the rich and dynamic Middle Eastern coffee-drinking culture.

Our Approach

Beyond the high standards of the specialty coffee industry, our approach to coffee comes from a very particular perspective. This is the essence behind our logo.

From an immediate glance, the logo aims to explore the Maillard reaction (gradual browning) of the roasting process while rooted in the local context. With time, and as you start to become familiar with our coffees, you will perhaps see it as consistent and well-balanced. It is simple yet complex and subtle in the details. It is exact yet smooth and charismatic. It is our vision to finding the most appealing flavour profiles behind some of the world’s finest coffees.