Our Coffee

The coffee supply chain is more complex than many would assume. Just like other high-quality organic fruits grown under the most favourable conditions, specialty coffee can spoil from just one fault and leave you with a repugnant cup of coffee.

Our coffees are sourced with trusted partners who endeavour to ensure an ethical, fair and transparent supply chain. We pay higher prices for the benefit of farmers and local developmental projects to encourage other farmers to adapt to their higher standards. This also promotes controlled coffee processing with correct storage conditions in this vital stage of the supply chain.

We only select coffee in season, meaning that our coffees remain fresher as it retains more of its moisture and intrinsic flavours. When you visit us, you will see a regular change in available coffees as we turn to newer and fresher beans. We strive to serve all roasted coffee before flavours begin to escape from the beans. Since our coffees are roasted on site under appropriate storage conditions, you can be sure that the highest standards have been maintained from farm to cup.

You may also notice our cupping (tasting) sessions, which help us to control quality. Every varietal, process, farm and even lot require their unique approach to extract the positive intrinsic qualities in the bean. When cupping, we check for potential defects – whether in the green bean or from the roast – as well as the consistency of the selected roast profiles. This is where we determine the tasting notes – the sensory experience – behind each cup.

If you would like to understand more about this, please feel free to contact us. We also invite you to join our regular public cupping sessions – an initiative to make the public understand more about their cup of coffee. We hope to work with the coffee community in Jordan to increase awareness about what most adults drink heartily on a daily basis.