La Marzocco OSMO (60/120)

Developed in collaboration with BWT water + more, La Marzocco’s Reverse Osmosis is a 3-stage treatment system that produces water of the best quality, regardless of the local water quality, in order to brew superior espresso and keep equipment in perfect working conditions. An activated carbon filter stops chlorine/disinfectants and impurities; the reverse osmosis removes all minerals and contaminants; a remineralization cartridge re-adds the right minerals for a superior brew and to prevent corrosion.

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Carbon Filter – Eliminates unpleasant flavours and chlorine. Reduces heavy metal content. Removes particles and organic matter. Filtration capacity of 10,000 litres.
Reverse Osmosis – High productivity and water conversion ratio. Water-cooled pump motor. Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation. Display to check in real time all parameters (TDS/EC).
Remineralization – Optimal pH in the remineralized water. Prevents corrosion. Remineralization with calcium and magnesium. Carbon fleece for proper mineral blend.

OSMO 60; 120
Capacity (litres/hour) 60; 120
Height (cm/in) 38 / 15
Width (cm/in) 23 / 9
Depth (cm/in) 25.5 / 10; 33.5 / 13.2
Weight (kg/lbs) 14 / 30.8; 17.5 / 38.5
Salt Retention Rate over 97%
Minimum Feed Water Pressure 2bar
Maximum Feed Water Pressure 4bar
Voltage 230V
Wattage Elements 375; 390