DIVISADERO - El Salvador - ML

JOD9.50 - JOD30.00
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Forest Berries + Caramel. Sweet.
Roast Level:
ML (Medium-Light)


Origin: El Salvador
Region(s): Apaneca
Producer: Mauricio Salaverria
Altitude: 1600 m.a.s.
Varietal(s): Pacamara
Process: Natural
Score: 87


DIVISADERO is one of our current favourites. This Himalaya Finca boasts very high-quality clay and volcanic soil, producing pioneering results in the region. In addition to the unique soil, Mauirico uses an innovative agroforestry model to make optimum use of the shade and produce remarkable results. The harvests from this farm are often Cup of Excellence prize winners.

Due to its complex and fruity profile, we could not resist a medium-light roast for this crop. For those who enjoy the fruitier side of life, let us know how you get on!

Other recommendations

We recommend brewing this bean with any gravity drip (e.g. Chemex, Kalita, V60).

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