Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - AST James trains and offers SCA certificates in Amman. Become a pro and advance on your coffee career!

We are proud that James is the first authorised Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) trainer (AST) in Jordan. As an integral part of our mission, we endeavour to promote respect for the specialty coffee industry and spread awareness about coffee. This could not be more visible than in our SCA courses that we hold on a regular basis.

We currently offer the following SCA courses:

SCA Intro to Coffee, Barista Skills and Brewing - learn more in your field of interest. Other SCA courses available on request. Get in touch to learn more!

Feel free to browse the education courses in our online shop, where you will find the full details for each course.

We also offer a range of public cupping sessions and private customised courses, covering additional content on green beans, roasting and sensory evaluation. Please get in touch with us at to find out more.