THIKA - Kenya - ML

JOD9.50 - JOD30.00
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Caramel + Peach. Bright.
Roast Level:
ML (Medium-Light)


Origin: Kenya
Region(s): Thika
Producer: Boyce Harries
Altitude: 1552 m.a.s.
Varietal(s): French Mission Bourbon
Process: Washed
Score: 86.5


Located on deep volcanic red soils, our THIKA (from the 73-hectare Chania Estate farm owned by the Harries family) is one of the last two remaining medium-sized farms in Kenya.

The Harries family grow varieties that are rather unique for Kenya and even offer some rare Kenyan naturals and honeys! We chose this microlot due to its uniqueness compared to other Kenyan profiles. All the cherries are picked by hand and processed on site.

Due to its intrinsic naturally bright profile, we opted for a medium-light roast for this offering. For those who enjoy higher levels of acidity, let us know what you think!

Other recommendations

We recommend brewing this bean with any gravity drip (e.g. Chemex, Kalita, V60).

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