What is the best brewing method?

It all depends on your preference. For a start, buy good quality coffee – freshly roasted and freshly ground – and you will notice a marked difference in your cup.

Some people prefer to start their morning with a strong coffee. For this, we recommend any of espresso, moka pot or batch brew (automatic ‘American’ machine) as good and practical choices.

If you prefer to enjoy the experience and take your time, we recommend the V60, French Press or AeroPress. They produce bright coffee with noticeable notes. There is also a wide range of exploration in terms of recipes and flavours. If you’re in a hurry, don’t go for these methods.

Our selection of beans covers a wide range of tastes and preferences. We are also happy to recommend and guide you through your journey, just get in touch!

What is the difference between V60, Kalita and Chemex?

There are several differences in the way each is designed, including the material used (i.e. capacity to retain heat) and the shape (impacting greatly on the extraction itself) of the device. Each device also uses its own specific filter, which all have different attributes. All these factors impact on the final brew.

If you would like to learn more about differences between brewing devices, browse our Education page to view courses we offer and learn more about your coffee!

About coffee

Do you have Decaf?

Yes. Our decaf offerings are omni-roasted, allowing it to be used for a wide range of devices.

How long does my coffee last from the time I purchase it?

Coffee does not exactly expire; it just ages and loses flavour. To maintain high quality and preserve optimal flavour, we recommend consuming the coffee within the first month of the roast date and as a maximum no more than three months.

Is your coffee organic?

Some of our coffees have the Organic Certificate, others do not. Most of our coffees have, nevertheless, been through organic farming methods but the producers are unable to pay for the certification process. Organic practices typically contribute favourably to taste and quality, so more and more producers are naturally adopting organic methods of production even if they do not offer the certification procedure. If you check our online shop, you can view the available organic options.

Why is your coffee omni-roasted?

Omni-roasting allows you to get what you want out of the coffee. Our role is to source the highest quality of beans and roast them to reveal the best flavours they offer. It is then up to you to find the brewing device you like best to give you your most favourable cup. We mark the roast level on our bags (Medium-Light, Medium, Medium+ and Medium-Dark) to merely guide our customers. It is more useful, however, to read the descriptions of the beans on the shop to give you an idea if that bean would suit you. If in doubt, feel free to get in touch!

Do you add flavours to your coffee?

No. The flavours written on the bags are notes, indicating the taste profile of each coffee. This will give you a sense of whether it will be fruity, sweet, nutty etc. Many notes, depending on how the coffee is brewed, may be very delicate. What coffee do you look for? Sweet and nutty or punchy fruit? If in doubt, let us guide you.

Where do you import your coffee from?

We source both directly from producers as well as from green bean importers based in Europe. When we can guarantee proper treatment and practices have been observed, we enjoy establishing direct trade with producers. This, however, requires a great deal of trust and a proven relationship.

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