Guatemala offers a wide range of profiles. Each region enjoys its own unique climate and terroir, translating into quite varying flavour profiles. We have only ever sourced Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) graded coffees from Guatemala, meaning that they are grown in the higher elevations (typically over 1300 metres above sea level), since these have given us the most complex profiles and best cup quality.  The most commonly-grown varietals include Bourbon, Typica, Catuai and Caturra. The harvest in Guatemala runs from December to March.

Each harvest, we have sourced coffee from different regions and have each time been grateful for the diversity in each offering. We previously sourced from Antigua, Huehuetenango and Atitlan; this last harvest we have sourced from Cobán. Located in the north of Guatemala, Cobán lies in subtropical forests, predominated by humidity and rain, enjoying a somewhat different climate from the other regions. We feel that this year has the best selection yet, with a unique selection of washed coffees with experimental anaerobic and pulp fermentation techniques.